Anyway, playing it cool, playing it cool, there are different ways of attacking the problem of nihilism, the anons and I just like to try to strike at what we perceive as the fundamental causes. There are other problems that stem from that that can be ameliorated in an institutional setting without sounding any alarms. It might even be a more plausible maneuver to create an antiversity while you’re an institutional bureaucrat and radicalize it incrementally over time. The various crypto-reactionary scholars I’ve cited did just that by means of books. You really think Strauss wasn’t talking about himself here?

[Machiavelli] has discovered new modes and orders which he opposes to the old and established modes and orders. He has discovered and explored territory hitherto inaccessible to men of his kind. He begins a war against the established order–a new war in a new land against a new enemy of the highest possible reputation. But he is a captain without an army. He must recruit his army. He can recruit it only by means of books.

They have their own version of “the fundamental causes” of nihilism, they speak more often in universals rather than particulars. Anons more apply understanding of universals to particulars, i.e. those power-nodes, and particular people and types of people and peoples. There’s a synergy between these types of scholars and anons, that I’ve always tried to encourage the development of. The trick is to be able to bring the realm of the forms down to the present world we find ourselves in. One definition of nihilism is forgetfulness of the realm of the forms. If you think back to Plato’s theory of remembrance, it’s not that the ignorant and unvirtuous don’t already know about the realm of the forms, because if you think of your own experience when someone reminds you about higher realities, we tend go something like, “Oh yeah” or in other words, “It is like that.” We all already have total knowledge of everything and others simply help us remember, and there’s a lot to remember obviously so it’s easy to forget. A neo-priesthood would consist of those who remember most, if not 99.9%, of the time, we need a node of those to serve as living reminders for the rest of the nodes. So far we don’t have that. In other ages we had a king to do that. Everyone channels all their energy into the presidency because we still think that that post has all the power. With centuries of Anglo liberty ideals in place we now have the academy and medias that are supposed to serve as the Reminders. Problem is, they’re almost all caught in the same spell of nihilism as anyone else. So we need a node external to that, and the rest of them keep those on the internet silenced and out of the public eye, otherwise we’d already have the internet itself as such an institution. And why do they do that? That stand-alone word again, that’s why. Not only is it nihilism, it’s hegemonic nihilism.

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