If you want a geopolitical take without reservations, this is the order of rank if we wish to avoid catching squirrels for nourishment

Western Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Eurasians, Fancy Asians, Jungle Asians, South Americans, Arabs, Africans

There are some Borgesian Latinos and some Sufi Arabs of course, for example, in general though this seems to be the basic global order, racially speaking.

What this COVID does, psychologically, is create doubt about the upper to mid-tier race, the Chinese. The Chinese are one of the greatest peoples on earth, don’t let yourself get it twisted. All the other races beneath them are the real, spiritual pandemic we need to worry about in this new age of globalism. Countries are starting to declare states of exception I hear? Of course it has to be for when people cough up blood. What about when people spiritually cough up blood? A state of exception is required for that to a hundredfold degree, and no one is allowed to talk about it. What we are witnessing here is the scapegoating of the Chinese people so that the more primitive races don’t have to take the blame for dumbing us down with their presence in our countries.

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