The reason I’m so mean to proles is because I know them so well. One guy today was lamenting about the fact that sports have been canceled and that he doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore, and he looked like he was about to cry, seriously! He had the exact face of someone on the verge of tears. The first thought he had is to go out and buy a puzzle. While many might laugh at him, our very own 1st world representatives and arbiters of culture, the bluechecks, tend to indulge in a level of entertainment not too far from his, and half of them would probably actually cry if their precious medias were taken away. I’m old enough to remember when Game of Thrones was hailed as the greatest show of all time. Now what is it? Lost to the sands of time. Might as well have been I Love Lucy, neither our proles nor our bourgeoisie have advanced culturally one iota unless you count the noted highbrow appreciation of “special effects” and shameless inclusion of moar and moar content only suited for adults woooo how mature they must feel to pat themselves on the back for cathartic laughter at vulgarity. That’s all our culture is, one fleeting blip of instantly forgettable nothing after another.

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