One of the blockers that prevents people from understanding is that Einstein isn’t the greatest genius of the last 200 years, that’s confining things within the realm of the scientistic worldview, which is no doubt bolstered by a WW2 mythos, seeing him as the symbol of the brain that defeated the evil devil nazis.

I don’t have to give you the first google result for you to know what our collective consciousness already believes.

Just read his maxims about life, it doesn’t take a genius to think those up. He was a scientific genius no doubt about it, there’s a difference however between that and speculation about life which is the domain of philosophy, and there are several, uh sorry non-jews, who gave quite a bit more effort in that regard in the last couple hundred years. This is another one of those “blasphemies”. Who are you to say? Who are you to judge the great Einstein? Think about this thought again. It’s just pretty conspicuous to me that this is the definition of genius in our time while all these German thinkers that I love are basically seen as obscurantists by the relativistic hoi polloi. I think they’re both different species of genius and humanity needs them both. Once again, a quick perusal of the maxims of Einstein, and then a quick perusal of anything written by Heidegger (who was of a lesser rank than Hegel or Nietzsche) will tell you all you need to know.

Einstein-worship is essentially kike-mythology, let’s just all admit that sooner rather than later. 20th century Moses, cladistically. What made me think about all this was… going from reading 1886 neechnotebooks to the 1883 ones, I start to regret somewhat how harsh I am on people, because I hold them to that kind of standard, i.e. 1883 isn’t really up to snuff next to 1886. So I even am annoyed by a genius when he’s not at his highest capacity, so try not to let it get you down too much if you feel I’m annoyed with you.

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