Isn’t that the entirety of the state-religion right there?

Answer- no, it’s not. Blank-slatism leaves no room for that 1%, because that would require some concession to nature, which it would never allow. It all runs on the ideology that “faith makes blessèd”. Really? Why do all the Latinos, blacks, and feminists continue to act like bumbling retards then? Would you call that blessèd? We are supposed to have faith in those at the peak of society, the Jews, that they will be blessèd – are they? I wouldn’t say they are, all they promote is dysgenesis and the diminishment of consciousness, how could you call that blessèd? If all these different sorts of dirtsouls were gathered together and flushed down south to a state all of their own, we would see how their society would turn out–wouldn’t we? Instead, all of our treasured white cowards in power will speak nothing of these issues and merely play their part in letting ourselves be brought down with them. Your brain is Jewed! Your grandchildren will be mud! Better to murder a tenth or so of the population or drive them out, there’s no third option here.

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