Mexican food, Indian food, arguably not reparations to appropriate. Likewise shamanism and Hinduism. Appropriating the anti-intellectualism of Islam? Reparations. Appropriating the “a-intellectualism” of Africans? Reparations. It’s inherent to reparations to act as if there is no negative side, i.e. to pretend certain appropriations aren’t reparations at all, even if from some perspective that’s clearly exactly what they are. Paying the price for the technocene being equivalent to the eurocene. “Why would we need to pay a price for that?” you might ask. Our Christian heritage is simultaneously a blessing and a curse- it led to the modern world in a way that no other religion did and it also led to us being guilty that it led to the modern world like no other religion did. This dual nature must be bound up in this one old religion of ours. Is there a way to tweak our trajectory to emphasize further modernization rather than, say, having bat bake-offs? Many on the left seem to believe that bat bake-offs (malignant cultural appropriations) are one with furthering modernization.

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