Finally getting around to Marshall McLuhan, the preeminent philosopher of media, from what I’ve heard–this from the beginning of Gutenberg Galaxy

Text was key for the “civilization-continent”. It was like a proto-smile program in that they were able to keep elders alive for thousands of years to share their wisdom. Meanwhile the only inner direction the other continents had without these text-elders were toward basic biological impulses.

Reminds me of something I’ve said a few times now, that there are certain profs out there who are so masked that you would never be able to suspect how knowledgable they really are. The whitehair at my old uni claimed to have read 1000 philosophy books (and I’m sure by that he meant closely read) – people like this are already evolved beings in a sense, and they do this through text. Very particular kinds of texts. While you know I just hate being a jerk, if most of the text you read is on social media you’re hindering your evolution. Anyway, I’m looking forward to how this all ties in with “inner direction”, I expect it to be related to what I referred to before as higher responsibilities.

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