This is the main problem I think. Charity is one thing. A mandatory charity that we aren’t allowed to perceive as charity is something else entirely. Let’s go with my favorite example. I’m sitting on the couch with a Nigerian, no a Nicaraguan, no let’s say a Pakistani who has removed her hijab and let her beautiful hair down in the privacy of home, we are expected, in fact demanded, to view her potentialities through the lens of charity, and more than just “anticipate the impossible” verbally from her and her genetics which have selected for decapitating freethinkers, we are expected-demanded to purify all our private thoughts in the direction of charitableness in this way. We are expected-demanded to view our spouse and children through this lens of charity, through this lens of lies that this puritanical version of charitableness necessitates. And if you refuse? You’re a lidderull Nazi monster that deserves to die in a ditch.

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