Mere touch alone would probably be like losing my virginity all over again, four years really does wonders. What needs to change is the attitude that sees that as pathetic rather than sticky tape that doesn’t stick as pathetic. There are probably ways to accelerate it, some sort of less extreme form of psychotherapy that is similar to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, someone could get rich off that in this (very recent) age of tinder. Am I really a mad scientist to suggest that some form of light brainwashing using psychedelics to reach a relatively clean-slate would be better than just watching the increasing divorce rates of our countries and doing nothing? The hippies had rocknroll hedonists as their shamans, and we’re the heirs of that pseudo-enlightenment. We’ve all been deceived to believe promiscuity is the way to go to be happy, and after my dozen I’m not so sure that’s true, it seems we evolved with and for monogamy, and we’re all just cultural science-experiments. The last couple months I’ve just been thinking about that 1950s stereotype of a young couple eating ice cream cones, and the girl in a modest dress, that sounds good to me…

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