Libs and leftists are exactly the same in that they “make excuses” for minorities and women. One of the ones that magnetizes to me for instance is speaking of grapes and pizzas. What if you thought of grapes as brains and pizzas as conversations? The wretched races wouldn’t be looking too good. Is that what you want to frame your politics around? Being anti-brains and anti-conversations? Apparently it is. Hey, grape-brain, hey avocado-conversation. What is really important in life? How are lib-leftists different from animals at the end of the day? I made a post this morning about how I try to keep my head out of the gutter- do they even know what life is like without their head in the gutter? You know there is a beautiful world out there above the plane of animality and materiality, right? “We need to make excuses for them!” Do you do that, perchance, because you want people to make excuses for you? Just a thought.

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