Ahh they don’t have this book on libgen

Makes sense that someone would write these two books. Do I even need to explain? Certain substances allow you to not only go forward in evolution to see our future selves, they can also allow you to see through the eyes of primitive forms of consciousness–and you do NOT want to return to the latter permanently, leftists.

The eighth-circuit aligns with states accessed by DMT, no sorry I’m not naturally tripping on DMT 24/7, trust me, I beat myself up about that enough. The goal of a Seavilization, in my mind, is to be able to have everyone at the eighth-circuit. At least half of the day so to speak, since there are mundane things in life that probably aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s the Buddhist idea anyway, right? Find the divine in the ordinary. Not like anyone would dare to be arrogant enough to question the Buddha but I see that as somewhat of a cope made by a mystic born in a pre-technological society. The divinity of the ordinary, good good, now how about being able to control mystical experiences at will?

So many anti-entheogen people are merely imprisoned in one of the survival-circuits, really easy to explain them.

Your loss, Gurdjieff

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