Explains why people get angry with me

the awakening of the supra-terrestrial circuits provokes a temporary weakening of the terrestrial circuits that are supporting them.

Throughout most of history, shamanism–what I tend to call priestcraft–was a secret tradition, an illusion was always maintained that only the terrestrial circuits existed, except if someone was seen to be an adept or a potential priest themselves. “7 clowns”- think I was joking about that?

the energies of Heaven are gathered and anchored to Earth, so that the Earth can live in harmony. This is the key to all therapeutic approaches—shamanic and others—that call on the supra-terrestrial circuits. Using vertical feedback the shaman creates a bridge between Heaven and Earth through which spiritual energies are able to flow and heal the body (1), the emotions (2), the mental life (3), and the social life of the individual (4).

Our overlords are doing just this, they want the earth to live in harmony, or at least what their idea of harmony is anyway. Here’s the problem with that. They are making a concerted effort to eliminate anyone who is beyond the fourth-circuit, that is their idea of harmony. No one there to try to help people with the first four circuits. From what it looks like to me (overwhelmingly), they are trying to return us to the first circuit, they want us to be bodies and nothing else. Why do you think I post at all? It’s obviously because I’ve judged them to be themselves people who are not beyond the survival-circuits.

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