All you need to know about the state-religion is to imagine a scapegoat-brigade against white women with flat chests for the cause of social justice.

They don’t care about the hypocrisy, all they want is control. Neither POC or women understand anything outside of “love of one’s own” in a context that grants them equal rights. Small-titted bitches who want human-dildos, that’s the esoteric meaning of feminism. Think I even care if any of you are flat chested? I really don’t. The white males who have to be marginalized for your third-world charity purposes aren’t looking for something as trivial as that. We like women who aren’t brainwashed by the state-religion, and there aren’t many to find. If some black woman started talking about how her tits were so huge and nothing else, we’d just see that as a monkey doing what their monkey self does. Nice, nice insight, so, anything else? I should like you because you tell me your tits are big? Okay. Nah, we like brainy women. Brainy, beautiful women is just a plus. Some probably think I’m trying to pull a fast one when I say that I’m the only real feminist alive, no I’m not exaggerating about that, if you want to be treated as an equal, the things I say would’ve already been told to you by someone else. You don’t have real awareness, you’re living in a reality that is dim, that is your natural state. Once again, just imagine me making my “brand” about how women’s tits are so small. How animal-like and beneath contempt would you see that as? Haha your tits are small, I guess we need to phase you out. Avocado tits. No one ever talks about avocado brains.

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