Went looking for a Bezos hagiography on libgen


We all know how “objective” the Washington Post is. Just goes to show that even the richest person in the world doesn’t have freedom from the zeitgeist, i.e. his fellow oligarchs who he’s ostensibly “better” than and all the sooty poors of the west who he’s also ostensibly better than. Freedom cannot be bought, apparently. Similar to what I just diagnosed Bloomberg as—a holocaustianity theist—I’m not sure a lot of these guys are masked, I get the impression that they’re simply men of their time who were given fast food educations at malleable ages, and now use their ability to make profit to perpetuate those educations. You’d think with all that money they could pay an authentic wiseman to teach them about their pre-reflective convictions. They must be too proud of themselves, the money and power went to their heads, and they deceived themselves into believing that they’re as perceptive about political philosophy as they are about buying and selling things. That’s what rules the world.

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