This is why the pathos of distance is one of the central concepts in Nietzsche’s corpus, and why it is rarely talked about in secondary literature. This is also why I find symptoms in that Learyian book. The “thought of the publisher” is a panopticon in the mind of intellectuals. People speak of the Copernican revolution, and of Gutenberg, and think history has ended, when we have the next step beyond Gutenberg with the internet. Think I’ve ever cared about people firing me? I actively try to be fired. That’s my schtick pretty much. Even so, being aware of crypto-currents has an effect like the spirit of gravity that brings me back to the earth, so people in the future I advise to write while only following a select few people else you’ll be pulled to the animal realm with them. “We’re not indistinguishable from animals in order to carry out social justice causes.” Uhh, right…

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