Racism is a dirty thing, most prefer only to disavow it. I see it as descriptive of life as Marxist class-struggle. Something I don’t think white women understand is that most of the races aren’t looking out for them. Whether Jews, blacks, or browns, their prime motivation is revenge against whitey, particularly your male counterpart, though they’ll use you to get that revenge. That’s all it is to them, all life is to them. They’ll give you the illusion they care about you and from a realistic perspective this is actually what drives them. They are not looking out for you in most cases, they secretly or not hate white people and they want you to pay for being born what you are. Trust me or not I guess when I say that non-leftist white males are the only ones you should trust because they’re the only ones who aren’t trying to get revenge in one way or another and are actually looking out for you.

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