People are just too stupid to understand, man, they live in the eternal present, and it won’t hit them until they’re so old that it’s too late. With my plan everyone will be at peak mental and physical strength, brilliant mystics, ripped, and yes, hung. With the way we’re going we won’t have the scientists to engineer that, you can’t do that in a third world country. Oh yeah, also imagine everyone being like that for hundreds of years, if not forever, with anti-aging technology. No need to rely on the generation-shift and loss of tradition when you have everything stored in your own memory. People who could live 200 years could easily study enough to go beyond anyone who’s ever lived. I fear that I’ve made the posthuman taboo because I’ve delineated all of the implications it has. Funny to think that, for this reason, if aliens actually were here they would have to practice optics and ketman like anyone else because of humankind’s irrationality regarding its dogmas.

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