Reminds me of the time I found some MSM article about body-modification technology to make all women into supermodels or something like that. This is allowed in the present order because it pertains to bodies rather than minds. So perhaps it can help some of you understand. Wouldn’t you like to be a supermodel? I want everyone to be the mind versions of supermodels too. Both of these together! Everyone. Does the establishment offer that as an ideal whatsoever? Of course not. It’s because they themselves could use some mind-modification technology. They’re trying to take the easy way out of not hurting anyone’s feelings. Feelings need to be hurt if we want to make it to phase 2. My feelings have been hurt plenty by girls laughing at my dick for instance, if I can take it, I think you can for whatever flaw of yours that you have. We’re looking for perfect everything, that’s the goal. And since this jeopardizes uhh pretty much 99.99% of people’s self-esteems we can’t talk about that goal. I choose to anyway, I don’t care, because I think that goal is worth it.

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