I’m cynico-realistic enough to think of it in a deterministic context. Excessive altruism is something neurological.

Centuries and centuries worshiping someone who was martyred for preaching indiscriminate love is going to affect how the brain operates. Selecting those who are Christ-like and ostracizing those who are over-discriminate. Sinple really- don’t discriminate and love everyone and you’re rewarded by your fellows with dopamine and serotonin, and ostracize those who discriminate and don’t love everyone and your brain chemicals tell you you’re a good person. Just reminds me of one broad I saw say Go ahead and build the border-wall, they’ll just drill a glory hole in it so they can blow Mexicans. No no not excessively altruistic at all, to essentially want to breed with homeless people. What else would you say third world people are? Would you be fazed whatsoever if that was the next leftist “cause”? To fuck homeless people? I wouldn’t be surprised. And that’s basically the telos of Jesus. Cycles of brain chemical patterns inherited from the New Testament doctrine of universal love leading to the multiplication of homelessness. Truly a shameful lot, the west.

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