Spotted me an aryan-looking Castiza, trad and intelligent, iunno boiz I might settle for that at this rate. “Who are you to talk, half your family is brown.” Latinos and Italians are not the same, petty vs. organized crime, get it right. Maybe that’s part of why I understand the things I do. I’d see getting with a castiza as charity, just like how I’d see a pure aryan girl getting with me as charity. What teh establishment wants to hide is the charitability of certain couplings. Yeah if you’re from the third world that is charity for a white to get with you, because that means your kids are going to be half third world genetics. They want to hide that. Anyway, my Italian family is mostly upstanding citizens, it’s just the Artxell syndrome that’s the problem with them, that’s how I understand non-euros so well because they’re similar. So yes sorry to tell you, it’s charity to be with someone with Artxell syndrome, and that probably doesn’t go away entirely just because I’ve gotten past it myself on a personal level (if you want to be a strict snob, which I do like to be).

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