Anyway, where was I, back here now as the heretic that gets the daily castration ritual that is totally not right out of primitive times for talking about this stuff.

Refresher on what I mean by Artxell syndrome

Now here’s how much money some of them make a year. While it’s not like that says everything, it says something important

Artxell’s a brilliant dude and yet he’s actively hostile to his host country (what else is being an open-borders, equalist democrat?) My aunt for instance was literally in congress as a democrat, I know Pelosi’s psychology like the back of my hand, and it helps me understand these various other, otherwise “trustworthy, hardworking” Americans. They’re not very trustworthy where it counts. The problem is, they might as well identify with POCs who aren’t like them, when they’re arguably a lot more similar to the republicans who they take to be against their interests.

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