I’ve learned quite a bit in my time learning and engaging in accelerationism. What I’ve been brought to in all that is the perception of the ideal mother. This is my ideal of feminism, as much as I know many people hate it. It has eugenic implications, that’s why they are murderously opposed to it, since it’s easier to mesh with the system and signal dysgenesis. Mothers are related to Time in my view. The good ones are able to see into the future, they’re a sort of oracle. They have a more rational idea than most of what the ideal future would be. And then they know how to teach kids how to bring that about. There aren’t many of those that I know of today. Most women these days are only concerned about themselves, it’s just a symptom that they themselves didn’t have good mothers. Everyone, even the bioleninists, and including myself, is united against politicians for instance. Mothers should care about raising the perfect politician. That would make the world better. My aunt, without even trying, was better than my own mother, in that she always brought me to bookstores as a kid, that’s just the beginning, before they understand you better than you understand yourself, better watch out. To conclude, I see female energy squandered in most cases in our time because they always are directing it toward their own self-centeredness. What’s important is to raise children who are wise, who can then be educated further into ideas they can’t understand. That’s the scorching of the social contract that they can’t quite accept, that men evolved a brain that is beyond them. You deal with kids, we deal with adults, essentially.

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