Thought for adults that would alienate most- “Jews should be indiscriminately murdered for being on the plane of child-thought in general.” The old testament got old, oh wait it was old for two thousand years, and some decided to tell you that less than a century ago. Now, others are telling you it again. You obviously can’t learn from your mistakes. “I’ve been kicked out of 109 groupchats” is one meme I saw recently that reveals a truth about it. Your time of control is over. You collected too many sins over the centuries to be the right leaders in our global setting. All you do is try to make the world like you are, which is incredibly flawed, and then silence anyone who disagrees with you. You are very visibly trying to hide all the sorts of ways of being that most decided to disavow with the New Testament. Now, there are people who want to go beyond the old and new testaments entirely and you’re holding us back from doing that. If you continue to do that we will destroy your entire race. “How could you do that before we phase all white men out of existence, eh?” Good question, I ask that to the United States Military. You think I’m exaggerating at all when I tell you I plan to genocide your species off the face of the earth? All I’m waiting for is the military to fall in line. Good luck having even one surviving kike at the rate you’re going, of all never disagreeing publicly with the agenda to destroy white nations as revenge for the holocaust which you sickening kikes deserved. Even mischlings will have to be murdered at this point. See, this is how they think, except about whites- the difference is, we’re not allowed to say our side of the story. I call on Generals of the Military to address this.

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