To restate my case for the thousandth time, what distinguishes me from my various enemies is that I do not act in my own interests. That is the main personal struggle that most cannot perceive. They want the type of being that they are to exist in the future, regardless of what type of being they are. I often throw certain things about myself under the bus, I recognize them as something that needs to be sacrificed. If you want a “better tomorrow” you will encourage our oligarchy to influence our democracy to do the same. Instead they do the opposite, they want the worst possible beings imaginable in the future because that will boost their self-esteem telling them that. So the way we’ll frame this now is on self-interest. It is in the self-interest of the overlords to facilitate the self-interest of (most of) the subjects in their kingdom, so two different types of self-interest at play here keep in mind. Amazingly, after reading me for – possibly – years? I still sense that people get wincy, maybe that’s why they read me, who knows? Barbaric peoples who eventually lead only to abandoned cities have it in their self-interest to be barbarians (2nd circuit, 3rd in some cases, through which the higher circuits are filtered through). Then there are ughleets who have it in their self-interest to help them, because of altruism- that is their “higher calling”, what they define morality as. With anglos and other wonderbreads it’s more innocent, with JEWS, yes JEWS, I said it once again, it is not so innocent, they have it in their self-interest to serve themselves rather than others, which is the case with the huhwytes. Part of the reason we don’t kill them all is because we’re too altruistic and trustworthy. No, these people are not altruistic, they are exploitative, capitalists par excellence, they see you as people to use for their personal gain. It’s in the self-interest of the whites to be kind to the Jews while they do this, because they on some level see them as a non-white who their neuro-beliefs tell them they should be nice to or else they’re a sinner. Then there’s the self-interest of the sluts who I’m sick of speaking of. They don’t care about “the future of the world”, they only care about their own personal happiness in this life. In a world where sluts aren’t shamed, they’re happy, so obviously we know which side they’re going to choose. No, you deserve all of the shame I’ve tainted your soul with and much much more. It is in the best interest of Humanity Overall to shame sluts, see browns as shit-logs, and Jews as spiders to be stomped on. Because with their plan of carrying out all of their self-interests, we will no longer have schools and streets, we will return to barbarianism and whoredom. Actually we’re already there, we’re all living in a neo-Brazilian regime. Wonder why you can’t casually criticize any of these types of people? Does the thought of prison haunt your mind at all? So to synthesize, basic whites think they are not self-interested, whereas there is a further level of non-self-interestedness that exists, that would actually lead the world to be a better place rather than a worse place, over a time-span of years, that these self-interested ones cannot understand, being the sewer filth that they are. I’ve never seen one Jew enunciate this, not one brown, not one woman, not one prole. They all seek what’s best for them rather than what is actually best for the world.

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