Our alternative continents

“Indoneosia” is more of a thought-experiment than seasteading given that its population is close to the US’s(!) – 267M, 735k mi² of land vs. 328M, 3.5M mi² of land – expect to drive them out?

We could build a seavilization in the Indian ocean that would have better living conditions than they have, and then trade with them. (By the way, how much must I hate people to constantly have extreme thoughts like this??)

See where Singapore is?

We could begin installing floating cities on the west of Indonesia, Singaporeans might be interested in helping us with that. If we only help, don’t hurt Indonesians they might be happy to have us in their ocean as well. Main problem you can probably imagine is of course China. Why call it the Indian ocean anyway? Just as a reminder of what we’re talking about here, to make it less abstract,

By the way, I’m only 50 pages into this seasteading book and it’s the best book on Exit I know of. This is a real possibility!

So, our darling pal, China. I honestly don’t know if that would fly with them.


Can you look at the following map and tell me which you would call the “white people ocean”?

Probably the one between North America and Europe, eh? You call it the Atlantic, I call it prime real estate. Badaboom, and yes, badabing. Screw “Green”land!!! Ok??? Can we just say that? Too cold. Somewhere south of that.

Imagine some parts of this blue here being visible from space as not-blue

Let’s look at the ocean(s!) in a mind-altering way

Whoa whoa whoa that’s confusing, back to reality

Where would you say is the most practical water-continent for seasteading?

My immediate sense is, I can see “West Florida” not being blue from space in the future. Florida used to be where everyone wanted to move, if you remember, before Florideans turned into a meme. Florida 2? Except it rigorously selects for its citizens? I like the idea of West Florida as opposed to east because it’s nestled beneath the Southern states and they could all collaborate- Texas could double for instance. I’m imagining all of the Northern half of the Gulf of Mexico being “settled”

Weather climate of Florida, mental climate of a breakaway civilization beyond the supposed “1st” world. People will beg to move there. And we’ll look down and whisper to them, no.

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