In retrospect, Dexter’s Lab and Jimmy Neutron were great shows for kids. I haven’t been keeping up with what they have now. Those are the most Learyian shows I can think of. Sometimes I feel like Dexter, looking at a portrait of neechski, wondering what I can do to push his project further. And then I also have the Deedees in my life who I constantly try to drive away

(Not erotic at all)

Better listen to me…

Response of the Deedees

Next scene

We need more shows like that. Anyway, away from the terrestrial circuits- neechski was the culmination of the western tradition of philosophy and religion, and everyone to follow him was a knock-off, controversial to say, I know, luckily I’ve written the equivalent of a thousand pages already to vindicate that idea. No one ever tried to write a new Bible like he did (TSZ), with the same level of explicit priest-consciousness, and no one has done so since. Maybe if Germany had won TSZ would be our Bible now, it’s likely. Really think about that. Whether you think of Dante or Joseph Smith they were both writing works in the Christian tradition. Crowley’s Book of the Law, it was so boring I don’t even know if that was its title. No one has done something like TSZ so far. That’s always been my ethos with my “experiments”, to get people attuned to that level that he was on.

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