Subtweeter jewess thirst-traps make me feel as confused as they must be. Abrahamic pathologies you’ll never find in a DSM. I prescribe a turkey baster stuck in the barrel of sperm I’ve been filling. Err I guess I technically have a crypto-gf, you’ll have to get her permission first. Just among one of the most illegal sentiments that can possibly be expressed in this post, not to brag. Anyway, technology is once again only the most tangible thus understandable aim of a breakaway society. I can see advances on the level of the social sciences too, psychology being prominent given that there are so many mental illnesses I see in our society that are taken to be normal and worse, even praiseworthy, behaviors. When I juxtapose our society with renaissance civilizations my first criticism would be an overall lack of ambition. You could see this mental disorder as being enforced by our elites, and it’s connected with their misunderstanding of the nature of divinity. Don’t you think it’s self-evident that everyone has a natural duty to know about the agenda of the most evolved lifeforms among the most evolved lifeforms in the known multiverse? What they’re doing, why they’re doing it, how they’re doing it? Maybe that’s why jewesses like me, because I explain to them things their own people won’t. Not like Soros for instance even understands himself. Put differently, there are rocks, animals, humans, and then humans among us controlling the other humans like they are animals. Isn’t there something divine about knowledge, particularly knowledge about what makes the highest form of animate matter tick? One might infer that the ones who articulate the mechanisms of these highest forms are beyond them, maybe that’s why jewesses like me.

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