To sharpen the distinction more, if you cared about the finer things in life you probably wouldn’t be on twitter, you’d have a blog like mine that rants about the worldly ones. Well, it’s formally known as a social-networking website after all. I wonder what that could imply? The grug mindset kinda explains the totality of twitter for many, money/woman/resources. Play the game of society and you get these. Question the tenets of the divine bluebird and all of a sudden it looks like you get none of these three. The ones who are in control of twitter are aware that they do this to you and it makes them happy they do this to you. You aren’t even allowed to talk about how people who grew up in jungles have brains the size of walnuts and will thus create walnut-brain societies. Make sure never to post certain words either, like Jew or slut, otherwise your account will be gone when you wake up in the morning. Jack is a good guy, right? At least he isn’t Zuckerberg, phew. We should appreciate Jack because he isn’t Zuckerberg, that’s the logic, right?

There are people who we can call “white-genocidists” who are so on the level of theory alone, Jack and his staff are some of those. Whatever you find meaningful now in your life, imagine a half-venezuelan you, or a half-zimbabwean you, they’re not going to find that meaningful, all they understand is animal habits. That is what twitter represents with its “rules”.

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