One time I was on a walk with my old friend and he was talking about Kant and the world of phenomena and he slipped or tripped or something and fell down into the ditch on the side of the sidewalk and somewhat angrily said Speaking of the world of phenomena! If you don’t understand the humor of that you shouldn’t be in government, or even children’s education for that matter. For many of them it seems there is no such duality, there is no alternative to the world of phenomena. To even speak of the world of phenomena is confusing to them, or just plain gibberish, because they think that’s all there is. That’s why when I speak of state-enforced atheism I tend to emphasize that it’s not atheism in the strictly anti-christian sense—there’s plenty of that though too—it’s atheism in the sense that it makes belief or worship of the noumenon in general against the rules, whether you think of it as the father of Jesus or the ground of being. Returning to what I said yesterday about the reign of “everyone’s saying it” (btw I really wish there was a tard emoji), that falls under the category of the world of phenomena, the words of people, particularly the words of lots and lots of people. There is no higher authority to them than that. No noumenon. If you glimpse something about the noumenon that is contrary to this world of phenomena, this world of the words of people, it’s against the rules to add your words about it. The pluto-demo pact that controls everything is the noumenon, or at least it poses as the noumenon. It enforces atheism about a noumenon higher than them. If you believe in this noumenon beyond them then they see you as atheists about them. So it’s a bit of a paradox- they are theistic atheists you could say, that are against atheistic theists.

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