I’m always distinguishing between the world of status and the world of what actually matters. I try to delineate what is eternal amidst the fleeting fashions. I’m against fashion in every sense, in fact right now I’m wearing these scrappy jean cut-offs, same ones I wore last summer even though I was being stalked and photographed, I just don’t care. Was your high school like mine where the “preps” wore Hollister and Abercrombie? That’s what leftists remind me of, diversity talking-points are the hollister repertoire they bought in the cologne store. Even the losers, dorks, and “uggos” of high school can be the beautiful people if they’re leftists. Like with hollister, it is a socioeconomic display, it demonstrates you’re not from the maladjusted peasant caste. That is true, it’s just only middle-class, there is a higher “fashion” beyond that that you wouldn’t know about because our own upper-class has adopted the values—or at least facade of values—of the middle-class. This is the fashion of Socrates who wandered Athens dirty and barefoot, asking people from all classes perplexing questions pertaining to the eternal.

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