Women are always equal to me, they always have insights that impress me. It isn’t that 99% of the time I see them the way I see a fallen creature with next to no brain activity. Just kidding, this is sarcastic, most women I see and know as brainless, who should just stop talking and be impregnated, and I like that about them, that they put up some kind of fight. What mate-selection relies on for them is pretending the social contract doesn’t exist. Women are not braindead, better believe it. Jews and browns, they’re not confused, better believe it. Else, you do not have access to the future generation, because pussy determines that, this is my one sole power, and even if I misuse it because I’m a ditzy cunt, who cares, at least I have the power in the moment, even if that leads to retards in the future, I don’t care, all I care about is being a girlboss with no responsibilities except to myself, who is the only one I care about, hope she’s happy with her material pleasures, and isn’t sad as a shriveled up old crone later in life.

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