I have two different attitudes to two different religions. With Christianity, while not believing in it myself, I believe there are certain types that would be much better off as Christian (proles, women, POC, even white collar people in many cases). Whereas with Equalism, I neither believe in it myself nor think many would be better off believing in it. Are children better off believing they’re adults who shouldn’t listen to “other” adults? Imagine for a second that some guy down the street from you is like this. With Christianity at least he believes in a power higher than himself. With equalism, people can’t even believe in human powers higher than themselves, let alone an Ultimate Power beyond humans. Equalism gives free reign to the ids of “manbabies” as they’re called, and uh oh, let’s not be non-PC and mention “womanbabies” too. These kinds of people need others to tell them what to do. Don’t you agree with that when you think of “manbabies”? Now apply that same logic to women, minorities, etc. There are so many layers of deception to the responses to these riots. There’s a good reason there’s less likelihood you’ll travel down a random alley at night if you see a group of blacks than if you see a group of whites- it’s because you know they’re more likely to be criminals, instinct says it as much as the statistics do. These riots are in effect trying to deny that they’re more often criminals, and that it’s everyone else’s fault that they are that way. They “prove” we’re wrong by, what do you know, being criminals even more. How many more years of this? “If you accidentally kill one of our criminals because he was trying to avoid arrest for being a criminal we’re all going to push ‘criminal’ to a new level.” We’re seeing now how the doctrine of equalism plays out in reality. “Don’t acknowledge criminals, get more crime.” “We’re looting you because you accused us of being looters.” Totally not how someone who has a monkey brain would think. That’s the state of the west. Time to move. Floyd robbed a woman’s house at gunpoint, then tried to buy stuff with counterfeit bills, now in response they’re robbing places, okay. And the wokewhites are cheering them on, not collectively mentally ill at all.

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