That’s the plan

(in the providential sense). From an essay on GRIN. If you think I type while wearing a monocle from time to time (yeah right I have 20/20 vision why would I need one of those) wait til these “people” emerge. PURE DISDAIN, I can’t wait. Probably won’t even have to type, some kind of telepaths that poast with their minds. The Naturals won’t even like to “follow” their accounts probably, I imagine it being similar to the social media segregation of huhwyte libs and blacktwitter- ever seen a thread of the latter? Ghetto. The huhwytes are ghetto in their own way- they just happen to have better spelling and grammar.

Looks like some evidence toward one of my suspicions in this racialization chapter here,

namely that race politics and posthumanism are ineluctably bound- so of course this paper would have a section on the former. Want to know what DOESN’T have such a chapter?

Pretty much any Sci-Fi movie you can think of! What we in the business refer to as “symptomatic silences”. Those chapters are missing and yet it’s precisely race politics that is the main thing keeping us back from making sci-fi a reality.

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