Looking at this map again

Even these blank “safe-zones” you could see as banned-zones waiting to happen.

Why weren’t they surveyed? That’s strange. I suspect that for the majority of the cases above it was because either 1. they’re pre-civilized people who wouldn’t understand, or 2. they’re pre-civilized people who shouldn’t understand. This is why I anticipate future bannings, because it would cause an existential crisis among the populations if they knew what was being meddled with, the primitive mind interpreting it as “devil magic”, which our westerners aren’t very far away from in regard to their perception of Prometheanism. It’s possible to try in some of these places, I just expect it not to go over so well. Kids who are 250 IQ freaks of nature, it’s bound to sound some alarms. Maybe some of these peoples would be too dim to understand what’s going on, then we have the problem of “caring Christians” “stepping in”, can you people get a hobby or something? Even with an autonomous seastead I can see this being a problem, so maybe an offworld settlement is actually the best bet at the end of the day. I invite you to think like a lizard person. Create posthumans with the appearance of normal humans offworld, many many of them, then gradually send them to earth…

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