I used to talk about people letting the world burn, these days I can talk about people actively encouraging burning the world down, without any symbolism needed. All it is about is people getting revenge for being born abominations. Cheer them on for that I guess. “I was born as a person that should’ve been born in the jungle and instead here I am in civilization, I guess as a response we should burn everything down so it’s more like the jungle I was supposed to be born in.” Jews aren’t much different, whatever makes the country cozier for them, -whispers out of side of mouth- until it’s time for them to move yet again. Without Israel on the backburner in their minds they wouldn’t be so extreme with their views. The existence of Israel gives free reign to all their ugliest impulses. Because they know that if anything goes wrong they can just move away. I’d like to see one of them admit this. Instead, all wave the flag for “apes are people too!” while in their subconscious is the awareness that they have an exit strategy. No, you’re one of the apes who doesn’t matter, that’s the next phase of the dialectic that you are unable to acknowledge because, again, you are one of the apes.

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