You can superimpose whatever symbols you want on me, I’m just a normal person who likes the idea of having kids who are better than me. If you want to bring a leftist agenda to that, okay, there’s no way to stop you, the covert agencies and corporations are supporting your cause, you degenerate sell-out, you slut- I remember the days when prostitutes had to be paid for sex, these days they just do it for free. Click that hyperlink and see what I mean though. The idea of life is to go beyond every generation, and the way the left is structured they will only go backward in time. Care too much about knuckle-draggers, and knuckle-draggers you will turn into, that is the contemporary left. Reminds me of those pictures of nurses upside-down on stripper poles, that is what the modern left has degenerated to, that is their idea of “caring”. Caring is making sure the next generation is extremely intelligent. The white male perspective of course is entirely redacted from this conversation. Because that would imply that jungle voices and kitchen voices don’t get a say in things. And who controls that? Merchant voices. Enjoy, have a good time, as cat ladies, cat ladies and cads, what a nice place we find ourselves at. In these trying times I’d like to give the cat ladies a bouquet

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