There’s that idea again!

… “hyperdimensional” physics were [the ancients] alive today…

Is Mulder-mode not good optics? Meh

So relieved when I see someone else talking about these things

In the above table of Plato’s doctrine, the process of turning from the perceptible world to the “mathematicals” is also a process of remembrance, or anamnesis (αναµνησις), a turning from the lower orders to the higher; we might, if we were to put such conceptions in terms of modern physics, say that such a turning (περιαγωγη) would be from a three-space world to worlds of higher dimensions

The only one I know who’s tried to map out the eighth circuit (which some would call the Bardo) using modern physics is James Oroc. Something Aristotle could only dream of. We need a DARPA for this kind of stuff. Nothing says Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency like striving to attain the highest knowledge of everything.

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