There’s a similar dynamic with the riots that I described with regard to the North Koreans and Pakistanis nuking the world before they’d surrender. I can’t emphasize enough how “Hillary’s ghost” still hovers over the politics of today. 2016 caused a mental break, a partial dissolution of the foundation of the belief the hold most sacred, never-ending progress, i.e. the Emancipation of Everyone. As much as they pretend to be above and aloof from the manbaby in chief, he’s gotten under their skin, perhaps it’s the people he represents that got under their skin that he is the face of—that’s a lot of people, remember most minds are swayed democratically. He caused them a disavowed atheism about leftism. The libs cheering on the riots would rather the country burn to the ground than be wrong. If their dream of one humanity was a fantasy they’d prefer the world itself to be nothingness. This explains part of their psyche at least, there are other processes at work too. Imagine whatever they set on fire as a symbol for setting Trump and his base on fire, that’s what they’re cheering on. It’s revenge for the torment caused by the wall concept being given the green light by so many of their ostensible “equal citizens” and the skepticism that’s caused about their own values, the despair that’s caused, the things set on fire are like voodoo dolls they’re sticking pins in, pure sadism at play, a temper tantrum thrown by people that can’t admit they were wrong that not all souls are the same.

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