When I was young I went through a “rational egoism” phase, maybe that’s where the origins of my thoughts still are in some way. I grew out of it eventually, finding that deontology refutes it, yet it still has lingered. I always wonder what self-interest someone has for saying something. This is how I interpret these riots. White liberals seem to be using Floyd as a means to an end (see how deontology has a role here?), they use such and such cause given the month to advance their own interest. The cause itself is always just a weapon they use. They use particular people as the incarnations of their ideas. Call me cynical, I don’t think many, if any, of them care about the death of Floyd as much as they care about the death of their liberal belief system. The surface cause is always pretense, it’s always the liberal will to power that motivates the cause. What will be the next “Floyd”? Any precogs reading? Watch, I’ll hyperlink this post in the future when that happens, and maybe then you’ll see. Hello, are you reading this right now? Nice to make your acquaintance, alright anyway, back in the time-machine for me.

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