Just had an unsettling vision of the oligarchy. There is something about them that is hanging by a thread, a certain spiritual crisis they don’t mention because it would be bad for “revenues”, “stonks”. Just because they’re made of millions and billions doesn’t mean 2016 didn’t disrupt their mental health too. Corporations are made of people, they aren’t their logo. Even if their motives are base, half the country giving the green light to the wall caused some major malfunctions in their higher-ups who grew up with the equalist brainwashing of everyone else. This is why it’s important to understand that our belief-system is decentralized, because the ones you know to be at the levers of control are themselves at the mercy of the powers that conditioned them throughout life. So, there is something about them hanging by a thread (no, not in the sense you might be thinking), the CEOs of the media corps probably need some kind of therapy and are too proud to seek it. Their version of therapy is doubling-down on their conditioning with BLM!! I detect something off there, something that doesn’t understand Americans. Some of them agree with the reactosphere and they couldn’t say it because the rest would dogpile them. Then there are others who have a foot in both camps and couldn’t ever reveal that they’re in any other camp besides “Beautifying the Third-World at Whatever Cost”. They think they will profit off of this, it isn’t much about “heart”, let alone “brain”, it’s money, making money off leftism, and all their cogs aren’t much different. “Let’s make money off supporting these ideas even though they might not be such good ideas!”

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