One fun thing to do is wonder what is the highest abstraction you believe in.

What is that for you, would you say?

Are you even allowed to think it at all? That’s my immediate wonder.

If you had to isolate one idea, what would it be and why?

This is a thought I had in the context of bioethics, which many have probably never heard of. I thought that was going to be a throwaway class, and nope, there are hidden frequencies one would not ordinarily perceive.

Abortion, animal rights, artificial intelligence, cloning, euthanasia, these are some of the ideas we discussed. Looking back, there was nothing controversial, bioethically speaking. It’s all just thought-experiments. If you get ostracized from society for them, that’s not what I expected, though it makes me content knowing I chose thought-experiments that would run that risk. If you can’t even sit in a Bioethics course without your entire culture throwing you out of civilization it looks like we’ve located, a certain person, one who keeps their thoughts to themselves. Don’t you want to go beyond me? That’s what philosophy is all about. Agreeing with all the corporations, that’s the opposite of what philosophy’s all about.

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  1. The Absolute, auto-reflexively defined as “that than which there is no other.”
    A dialectical abstraction turned living realisation in the depths of a nitrous oxide binge.


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