Wanting to learn how to ground the existence of angels in contemporary physics, instead I am pulled into the whirlpool of current events, since if civilization is destroyed there won’t be anyone around to understand physics. What is the nature of law?

Cops, ideally, are supposed to represent Lex Aeterna. They’re supposed to be “God’s soldiers”. The rioters and leftists supporting them agree with this in their own way.

There are multiple what I like to call “refractions” between Lex Aeterna and Jus Civile, cops being the enforcers of the latter. Given that leftism is a secular movement for the most part, there is one refraction fewer- one could say their implicit argument is that the enforcers of Jus Civile are confused about Lex Naturalis, Natural Law, which to them is Equalism Above All, Diversity is Strength.

It’s not that they want to abolish law, abolish cops, defund cops in general, they see the existing enforcers of Jus Civile, and thus Lex Naturalis as being White Supremacists, which conflicts with their conviction about the nature of Lex Naturalis. What they really want is Equalist Cops with a more refined understanding of Lex Naturalis. “Have you heard the good news, we’re all equal and should be treated the same!”

Pulled from Aquinas’ Treatise on Law

“lex” [law] is derived from “ligare” [to bind], because it binds one to act

“lex” [law] is derived from “legere” [to read] because it is written

What PC and cancel culture is is binding one to act according to unwritten laws. What leftists want is for their unwritten laws to be codified into actual laws so that everyone is bound to act according to them. Which is to say, this first step of burning down police precincts is a phoenix ritual, they want a New Reformed Equalist Cop to rise from the ashes.

What’s such a farce about this to us reactionaries is that they’re distracting blame from black criminals by scapegoating the ones who oftentimes rightly arrest them. What you need is a New Reformed POC, new cops aren’t going to get you that. Of course all the problems of the POC have to be blamed on “white supremacists”, time and time again, and this is just the most recent manifestation of that. I suggest you meditate on that treatise of Aquinas, and wonder what the nature of Lex Aeterna is before you start spouting off opinions about what the nature of Jus Civile and Lex Naturalis are. Of course you probably won’t though for the reasons here.

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