That is one of the “crypto-currents” in the US today, they want you to find partnership with a savage and tell yourself you’re happy. How much joy I have to be with a latina, she’s so aware of the world. The peak of consciousness on earth is white women actually telling us about what it is like to live with a confined consciousness. Let me know, what is it like living with Leftism telling you what to do and beating you if you disagree? If I had a life with a latina I’d have to use her as a front, and I’d want an aryan-brain on the side to counter-act the.. only ones worth knocking up, the aryans. Yeah bro I’m really happy with a mexiwife, so hot, what can be expected from her a hut-life? All “globalism” really means is excuses for hut-life. Most of us just want someone who exemplifies the Mother, throw yourself into the public that way, and maybe we’ll want to give you intimacy, have normal breakfast conversations with you, whatever other fables they pretend you and I are one with, “Decline in brain power” – no, we’d never be against that.

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