I start looking for a handy readymade meme showing all the brands in support of the current wokeness plague, before I wonder instead, Who hasn’t supported it? And with a smirk on my face I try to think of a random corp- the first one to pop into my head- RITZ CRACKERS. I look at their twitter and whadaya know

Some brands’ support has more implications for society of course

Meanwhile, only 7% of Americans believe that racism isn’t a problem.

What does this mean in the context of the present, what is the subtext here? It means that only 7% don’t believe that certain people are treated unfairly “because of the color of their skin”. In other words, to be opposed to the equalist faith is to believe that in general POC “get what they deserve”. Do I think Floyd deserved to die the way he did? No. His death is being used as a pretext to prove the validity of the equalist faith. What do these numbers tell you? What the present movement is demanding is that police officers abandon their stereotypes, i.e. pretend that certain people who are statistically prone to be more often criminals aren’t in fact statistically prone to be more often criminals. That’s what these Floyd riots are about. And that’s the crypto-meaning of all these corporations and celebrities supporting them. They are all in effect saying, “Buildings should be burned down as a righteous response to cops having valid stereotypes about black people.” Again, did he deserve to die? No, he’s being used as a pretext to further a broader idea. Namely that cops shouldn’t judge people based on the color of their skin, which is to imply that cops are less likely to be blank-slatist progressives. All these displays of support are for faith in blank-slatism.

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