There’s still some obscure connection between COVID and the riots. It’s still too soon for me to fathom what it is. Something there. It wasn’t one isolated event then another isolated event, one led to another. Pretending you’re a historian in 2100 observing it, do you have any ideas? I don’t mean to imply social engineering if that’s what you’re thinking. That’s probably part of it. The more interesting question for me is what led autonomous citizens to riot, what psychological gears have been turning during quarantine? Some connection there that is inscrutable to me. One theory that I hope doesn’t distract from your own- the quarantine gave them a time to meditate on what the plutocrats have taught them. Usually they’re all so busy with daily life that they never stopped to really let it sink in what they’ve been taught by Hollywood, netflix, CNN, twitter “friends” who are their minions, etc. Quarantine gave them time to reflect on it, and they only needed the excuse of a suffocated felon to react with violence. All the pent-up rage about Donald the Cheetoh that’s been building up for four years. Isn’t that the “rational” thing for you to do if all of the media and its minions have been telling you about how evil white males are for four years, to burn buildings down? So that’s my working theory for now about the causation. It gave proles a quiet time to sit with themselves and stew over the ideas the oligarchs have been instilling in their minds.

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