Nick Land was his own breakaway civilization, as was Moldbug, then we have breakaway civilizations they caused. And if you’re on the side of the corporations, you have a turd dropped into your skull, that’s all that your subjectivity represents. You’re trying to court people who see all souls as the same. And that is not the reality. Breakaway civilizations who are free from the corporations and the demos, what an idea. Who’d ever talk about what their ideas are about? Certainly none of the ones who genuflect daily to the corps or their demons. Go ahead and don’t do that for a day and see what happens you pathetic slave. Say “I believe in corporations and the demos” and see how you’re treated. Go on. Or just post a picture of a double-helix, not much difference. What do you actually believe? What is your role in life? To be a force of good? If you’re on the left with that opinion you need to rethink that. Being a force of good and replicating the third world in a first world country? Please justify to me in rational language how you are a good person. Go on, what’s stopping you?

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