I can see cyborg-amphetamine synergies developing. 3D-printed hearts that can keep ticking on speed-doses for 16 hours a day, 365, 120 year life-spans. Not to mention augmenting the ❤️ part of the 🧠 – races and classes that only understand lust, “love” for survival’s sake. How insensitive to say that! Let me ask you, do you think animals understand love, or is that lust? Do human subspecies–I mean “races”–exist on a continuum with animals included? Animal Lives Matter. 120 year lives of lovelessness, a lot to look forward to, two types of heart being evolved together. I’m cynical about proles, they’re close to the animals too- generations of selecting for farmers and women who love farmers, please just eliminate it all from the genome. I am a–farmer of humans!

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