This is the right idea

NASA is presently studying a scheme to retrieve a small (10-1000 tonne) NEA and place it in a stable, safe orbit around the Moon within a decade.

This from a book published in 2014. Not seeing any recent google results.

The following is from a 2013 article

My first question to scientists would be, what percentage of the viable resources would be lost if we “pelted” the moon? If we brought them into orbit, separated ore from rock, and then propelled the viables closer so that they were pulled to the surface? That way we could use the iron etc. that crash-landed to build bases by mining them right on the surface of the planet. Is there some type of “parachute” technology that would slow them down during their descent so they don’t burn up before they hit ground?

Imagine if we used an ARM-like technology to bring so many asteroids into the moon’s orbit that you couldn’t even see the moon from earth anymore. And then extracted all their viables and split them between the moon and earth. Some people could even live on the rock left over that’s orbiting the moon. Patches patches patches, all kinds of potential patches exist.

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