Seasteading, space migration, the main problem is always bringing with you what you tried to escape from on earth. The obstacle we have on earth presently is that we can’t “gather the troops” to escape without paying lip-service to the earthly authorities and their oompa loompas, their midgets of spirit. In other words, we can’t escape by formally saying we want to get out of here because y or z, it has to be a cover, otherwise it can’t gain the support of enough to get out of here, because that many are brainwashed by the ones we are trying to get away from.

The cold-view of BLM is that we have approached a time in history where the most animal-like people of earth have gained enough consciousness that they realize how animal-like they are. Africans find themselves at a place in history where they realize “Black Lives Don’t Matter”. From there, the Christian, supposedly golden-hearted Whites intervene and declare the opposite to be the truth. I do the same thing as you fools and intervene and declare the opposite of what you say to be the truth. Their lives don’t matter, all they do is bring intellectual culture down, make our women into unmarriable toilets, cause the industrious whites of society to pay for their welfare, make impressionable young whites have to hear their down syndrome rap on the radio and thus bring them to their level too, and ultimately support the illusion that people who could only bring themselves to a hut and spear existence are worth anything at all. You’re not worth anything, niggers. The only reason whites try to help you is because they realize this, that you have no value whatsoever, they spend all day trying to figure out how to make you seem not like an animal and include you in humanity, it’s like a science-fair exhibit for them. If we want a better world, the worst ones have to go. It isn’t the cops (scapegoats), it’s the ones who act like monkeys in appearance, word, and deed. If we want a better world we will have to get used to eliminating the ones who are most animal-like from the genome.

Fermi’s Paradox is explained by this post.

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