These riots were all right there

November 9th, 2016, they already existed then

The illusion was shattered, black people saw through the matrix

11/9/16, all the present chaos was contained in the news of that election, the very second it was announced- it was all leading up to this

Panic, because they knew it would make so many people feel insecure, once it sunk in. Once what the “wall” really was about, sunk in. And now it finally has, and this is how they react. By transferring the blame to the police, the ones who most tangibly blame them by arresting them. These riots aren’t about Floyd, aren’t about cops, they’re about Trump and half the country designating them racially inferior. What they’re really protesting, if they were honest with themselves, is their own ancestors who led up to them being born. They should be holding up signs that ask, “Why did you spend so many generations in the jungle doing nothing, inventing nothing, living without law?” or “Why did you humiliate us living ones by allowing yourselves to be found by a more advanced civilization living in loin cloths in mud huts? WHY? WHY?” Their anger is really sadness, about this. They see through the illusion we’ve been trying to prop up since Lincoln, since MLK, and their emotional reaction is to lash out against the ones who formally recognize them as criminals, depraved animals who should live behind bars, caged.

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